Developer Profile: Jared Suttles | Expert Application Engineer

Meet Jared Suttles, an Expert Application Engineer who works to automate processes in the Digital Payments, Platform Enablement Capabilities product family.
Discover Technology Staff
February 22, 2023

Building the Right Tech for Modernization

As a member of the Digital Payments, Platform Enablement Capabilities product family at Discover®, Jared works closely with domain and product family architects as well as cross-functional teams. With a focus on DevOps and automation use cases, his primary team is responsible for for Continuous Delivery and Deployment pipelines, as well as owning the Digital Payments Event Bus, which is used for event-driven architecture.

Throughout his career, Jared has developed considerable skills in Kubernetes, OpenShift, Jenkins, Kafka, Confluent, Spring Boot, Vault, and Postgres, among others.

As Discover invests in redesigning applications from the ground up, developers and engineers are able to modernize their patterns and designs. A key area of focus for Jared is to eliminate manual error-prone processes via automation and CICD/GitOps. "I am proud to have helped build numerous platforms that allow us to deploy quickly, efficiently, and at scale anywhere in the world," says Jared.

Personally, Jared is grateful that Discover balances a desire to be the best-of-the-best in terms of technology and remembering that its people are humans who deserve and need work-life balance. He also appreciates the culture of recognition where contributions are noticed and rewarded.

"I am super passionate about teaching others and sharing my knowledge. The legacy we leave is not in the code, but in the people we influence," notes Jared.

Get to know more about Jared

What are your favorite hobbies?

I enjoy games of all kinds—video, tabletop, role playing, etc. I love sports, particularly disc golf which is an amazing way to spend any amount of free time I have. I am also deeply involved in all things with my two kids including coaching their sports teams and being their biggest fan.

Do you have a favorite film?

I always have a hard time with favorites because I love so many. If I had to pick one, it would probably be from the original Star Wars trilogy, but I am the kind of person who will watch any movie and love them all!

My caffeine of choice

Coffee (and more coffee)

Pick a pet


What is the best thing you've ever eaten?

The mango chicken dinner from Firkin in Libertyville, IL. It was just an amazing dish, and I was in mourning for weeks when they retired it from the menu. It's still my favorite restaurant on Earth though.

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