Developer Profile: Praveen Erode Mohanasundaram | Expert Application Engineer

Meet Praveen Erode Mohanasundaram, innovator and champion of technology capabilities.
Discover Technology Staff
February 22, 2023

A multitalented application engineer and open source enthusiast

Praveen Erode Mohanasundaram builds technology capabilities for Discover® and contributes to open source during his spare time. Praveen's skillset spans Pact, Java, Gradle, Spring Boot, OpenShift (Kubernetes), Groovy, Jenkins, Cucumber and some JavaScript and Node.js. Praveen says it's exciting to see the speed at which the technology landscape has been evolving over last few years and the capabilities it offers us to build and deliver quality software more efficiently.

"I have had the freedom and flexibility to work on different areas under various roles with a variety of technology stacks," says Praveen, who has been with Discover since 2010. "I solve interesting problems and have the time to learn new things in an ever-changing technology landscape in the industry. Teams have full autonomy to experiment and innovate at Discover. The unique thing we have here is a culture of sharing those experimentations and innovations with other teams through our internal learning platform. It gives me a great sense of satisfaction and pride knowing how my contributions add value which is what keeps me motivated and allows me to grow with the company."

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What's your caffeine of choice?

Coffee and tea

In virtual meetings, Praveen prefers

Camera on

What is your tech origin story?

I used to play lot of computer games during the 90's when I was a teen. I guess that is what piqued my curiosity into computers and later into programming. The first computer program I wrote was in C language trying to solve some very simple problems. Somehow it gave me enough joy and excitement to code even more as a hobby during my university days, and then I ended up pursuing a career down that path.

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