Developer Profile: Geoff Godwin | Expert Application Engineer

Meet Geoff Godwin, creator and host of the 'A Moment of Your Time' Youtube series.
Discover Technology Staff
February 20, 2023
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Creating innovative technical solutions and helpful tech vidoes

Geoff Godwin is an expert architect and engineer who designs and implements agent-facing technical solutions across the Discover® call centers. To deliver on that, he often engineers experimental proof-of-concept systems before broader development begins. Geoff is a great teacher, sharing his experiences and technical knowledge with a broader audience through his A Moment of Your Time YouTube series. The series brings Geoff's voice to the discussion and educates his peers with his unique perspective.

Geoff was responsible for the original (and ongoing) architecture and creation of a suite of internal software used to better serve our customers from the desks of our customer service agents. While its original inception was a daunting task to initially develop, the platform has grown and scaled now to service a wide variety of use cases.

Get to know more about Geoff

What are your favorite hobbies

I really enjoying coding for fun (shocker) but I also love video creation, some light audio work, and I probably cook six days a week...because I looooove eating. If I retired tomorrow, I'd spend most my time traveling to eat foods from around the world, then code video games for fun while digesting between meals. I recently took up 3D modeling and have been 3D printing little inventions I think up for around the house. Handles for this, replacement parts for that, etc.

What's the best thing you’ve ever eaten?

A skewer of Kobe beef from a tiny hole-in-the-wall place near Himeji Castle due west of Osaka and Kobe. It melted my mind and I MUST have it again.

Tell us a fun quirk about yourself

This is going to be a weird one, but I love researching the heck out of something before choosing to purchase it. I'm a buy-it-for-lifer where I'd rather scrimp and save longer to get the better version of an item so it will last me forever. I dislike waste a lot, but I also love researching and diving down the rabbit hole on something. It’s probably why I love researching technology and building proof-of-concept code so much.

What's your favorite film?

The Fifth Element. Easily. I think I've seen that movie north of 50 times and it just scratches the sci-fi, ridiculous, cheesy action meets love story itch I get. It's a great, terrible, ridiculous film and I'm down to watch it any time.

What's your go-to caffeine

Coffee, black, ice cold.

In virtual meetings, is your camera on or off?

Camera on, because body language is a major portion of human interaction and communication.

Pick a pet

Dog, any day.

What's your preferred streaming platform

YouTube, sorry. Twitch, not sorry.

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