Developer Profile: Wesley Ramirez | Senior Manager Business Strategy

Meet Welsey Ramirez, a veteran of the United States Air Force who is leading our Agile ways.
Discover Technology Staff
February 21, 2023

Collaborating to create training

Wesley Ramirez leads a team of technical writers who partner with experts and technical coaches to document standards and best practices, using multimedia learning materials around agile, product, and technical activities at Discover. This enables product teams to deliver world-class products while also improving the way they work.

A recent highlight of her work was building product team playbooks. Their team partnered with experts in their organization to define what GREAT looks like and partnered that with tools to help the teams get there. The playbooks are very successful in upskilling teams, and Wesley's team has received positive feedback from the teams she is enabling.

Discover® has a strong culture of learning and collaboration, with a sentiment of "you build it, you own it!" This gives engineers a sense of ownership and creativity to solve issues they find.

"Discover is the best because of this culture—people are open, collaborative, and supportive. I work with amazing experts and have a chance to learn something new every day. I can also tie my work directly to my product and Discover goals, keeping my morale high because I can drive direct customer value myself," says Wesley.

Passionate about her daily interactions with people, Wesley's favorite experience is working together with others to make something valuable, whether it be related to products, connecting with others for networking, career growth, or community events.

Get to know more about Wesley

What is your tech origin story?

I got my engineering start in the United States Air Force National Guard as a Journeyman Systems Controller which taught me about security, encryption, and routers/switches.

I learned to work in the field, meaning that we set up our communications centers to support live combat missions in tents (versus an indoor center). During this time, I also became the main trainer for my team, which kickstarted my love for continuous learning and elevating our craft.

Outside of work, what are your favorite hobbies?

The pandemic definitely forced me to focus on the things I love, which are my family and home, my community, and other people around me. My hobbies include planning fun activities with my family and keeping our home warm and friendly. We also go to events in our community, and I volunteer with the park district occasionally. I also focus on keeping up with world events and messaging with family, friends, and Discover folks.

What is your favorite movie?

I am a Tolkien fan through and through: The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings extended editions. Those stories are the foundation for all things fantasy. The extended editions are important because they include extra songs, beautiful scenery, and much more lore.

What's your caffeine of choice?

Coffee and tea

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