Meet Natasha Perez | Senior Manager of Product

Meet Natasha Perez, passionate product leader and customer advocate.
Discover Technology Staff
June 15, 2023

Passionate product leader focused on enhancing the experience for both internal and external customers

After starting her career at Discover® as a customer service agent assisting Spanish-speaking customers, Natasha Perez realized she had a knack for understanding her customer’s needs and creating unique solutions to solve problems. Since her early years at Discover, Natasha has continued developing these skills and translated them into a career as a leader of product in the arena of data and analytics.

Capturing the voice of the customer and using it to make informed product decisions is a passion of Natasha’s. In her current role, she leads a team of product owners who partner with engineers to facilitate data pipelines with automation, built-in governance, and engineering agility. These pipelines drive business intelligence, predictive and machine learning models, and analytical operational efforts to support Discover's business goals.

By understanding the needs of customers using the pipelines and their goals, Natasha and her teams can build effective tools that help internal Discover teams make data-informed decisions with better results.

The driving force behind Natasha’s success is her excitement to learn new things. During her journey to becoming a leader of product, Natasha obtained various Agile certifications, a product management certificate from Cornell, and her MBA (Master of Business Administration). As she now leads a team of product owners and program managers, Natasha is embracing learning about new data and AI (Artificial Intelligence) technologies and ways of working.

Natasha appreciates the unmatched people and culture at Discover and is particularly grateful for all the opportunities to learn and grow within the organization!

"Discover is invested in developing its employees, and I’ve been able to benefit from their education benefits to gain new skills, credentials, and degrees. I feel proud to work at a company that genuinely believes in making their employees better every day," says Natasha.

Get to know more about Natasha

What are your favorite hobbies? Anything you want to share about them?

  • I love music -- especially Adele. Her lyrics are powerful!
  • Traveling and experiencing new food, culture, and architecture. Next on the list is Greece, Italy, and Ireland with the hubs.
  • Enjoying, capturing, and sharing beautiful sunrises and sunsets.
  • Time with friends and family is also a FAVE past time.

What's your favorite film?

Titanic and Pretty Woman

Describe the best thing you've ever eaten.

Currently loving street tacos

What's your choice of caffeine?

Cafe Americano

Pick a pet

I'm a proud dog mom of 2 mini schnauzers, Oso and Chico.

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