Recap: Discovers 2Q 2023 Automation Round Table Conversation

In our most recent automation roundtable, people across industries came together to talk about recent automation headlines, generative AI use cases, automation governance, and more.
July 27, 2023

Discover hosted their 2Q 2023 Automation Round Table Conversation on Thursday, June 29, 2023. Over 40 people attended, with industry representation from multiple sectors, including finance, insurance, retail, education, agriculture and technology.

The agenda included:

  • Exciting automation headlines across industries
  • Summary of the July Intelligent Automation Week Conference in Chicago
  • Deep dive into an innovative Generative AI use case
  • An overview of automation governance featuring Discover’s Hub and Spoke Model
  • A discussion on process mining including methods and benefits

Below is a quick summary of each topic during the Q2 roundtable. If you are interested in attending the 3Q Automation Round Table, bookmark and keep an eye out for the next event on this website.

Industry headlines

Summary of industry headlines

The group discussed industry headlines related to Generative AI, including recent polls that shed light on differing sentiments between C-suite and frontline workers.

Summary of June Intelligent Automation (IA) Conference

Members of the Discover automation program as well as external participants who attended the Intelligent Automation Conference in Chicago the week of 6/19 shared some of their key takeaways and new automation capabilities they were excited about. The most frequently referenced capabilities were Generative AI and Process Mining.

Generative AI use case

An automation delivery manager in the insurance industry shared their company’s efforts to pilot Generative AI. The company’s initial use case is to create a chat bot that can pull relevant data from internal materials to provide answers to agents who engage with the chat bot and ask procedural or reference type questions.

The automation manager sharing the use case details spoke of how they believe Generative AI will be a disrupter in business that can initially be applied in areas where data can be containerized and secured. He shared that his advice for those who want to learn more about a generative AI tool is not to get caught up reading about the technology but to interact with it. Talk to it and let it tell you about itself.

Automation governance – Discover’s Hub and Spoke Model

Dan Ireland from Discover spoke about the Hub and Spoke Model that Discover uses to govern its RPA program. The RPA program was initially piloted with one RPA development team embedded in a business unit. From there, the governing Hub team was set up and additional development teams (spokes) established within other business units. Dan expressed that having the Hub that provides governance and infrastructure support for each spoke team has allowed Discover to minimize technical debt and ensure compliance.

Read the article: How Discover scales automation using a Hub-and-Spoke Model.

Process mining

One of the most requested topics from attendees coming into the Round Table Conversation was around process mining. Attendees volunteered to share their experience with process mining capabilities including how they got started, what technology they were using, and benefits that they were already seeing or expected to realize soon.

Join us for the next conversation

Thank you to all who joined the 2Q Automation Round Table Conversation. Discover will host their next round table in 3Q.

At the next Round Table Conversation, we will continue our discussion around process and task mining as well as dive into AI for predictive analytics and low-code development practices.

More details specific to the next Roundtable will be posted as the event draws closer. Watch the automation space for more updates on the event!

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