Discover VP Angel Diaz Recognized as an American Banker 2024 Innovator of the Year

Hear from Angel Diaz as he accepts the award for the American Banker 2024 Innovator of the Year.
Discover Technology Staff
June 17, 2024

Discover VP Angel Diaz has been named a 2024 American Banker Innovator of the Year. The program honors individuals at financial institutions and fintech firms who are pursuing the most innovative projects in banking and fintech and moving the needle toward the future.

At Discover, we innovate every day as part of our mission to create brighter financial futures for our customers. We proudly showcase the amazing work we're doing together as a company to become more digital, leveraging product orientation, platform centricity, and the processes that glue all that together to help our customers. What makes Discover special is our innovative approach – leveraging open-source principles to build our processes, build our technology and improve our craft. This approach creates the escape velocity needed to build the art of the possible and delight our customers.

Community is so important to innovation. Sharing and collaborating with colleagues across the world is central to how we build our craft. Our work is proudly showcased and shared within the Discover Technology Experience at, and we encourage you to explore this tech hub to meet our people, explore our technologies, and partner up in open source communities. This robust platform showcases how Discover engineers are innovating through open source, automation, cloud, AI/ML, data science and more.

DTE has also blossomed into a community gathering space, being a go-to home for impactful meetups, community-focused initiatives, and the inaugural Windy City Tech Connect – a gathering of some of the world's leading technologists to discuss Kubernetes, cloud, DevOps, and DE&I in tech.

Angel's leadership has transformed the way Discover is doing business, and the Discover Technology Experience reflects this amazing work. Discover's innovation is on display for the world to see, to learn from, and to collaborate with as we move forward into the future of financial technology. We stand on the shoulders of giants who paved the way for us to bring innovative ideas to life. Together, we can continue to pursue and execute on the art of the possible, leveraging amazing technology and innovation to make the world a better place for everyone.

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