Developer Profile: Nick Kotzamanis | Senior Manager Chapter Engineering

Meet Nick Kotzamanis, Devops and Agile guru who is focused on educating and improving our engineering workforce.
Discover Technology Staff
February 22, 2023

Helping product-focused engineering teams adopt new practices and build new capabilities

Nick Kotzamanis is responsible for guiding an experienced team of engineers within the Discover® internal learning platform. The group provides a holistic learning journey to help product-focused engineering teams adopt new practices and build new capabilities. A highlight of Nick's role is delivering a set of DevOps and Agile workshops for our leadership.

"Helping build our team and processes has been incredibly rewarding because I see the impact we're having on Discover every day," notes Nick. People, culture, and collaboration are key for any transformational change. "We are always looking for new technical opportunities, but without collaboration and the support of our culture, the adoption of new ideas, tools, and technologies wouldn't go very far."

Get to know more about Nick

What is the spark that first got me interested in technology

It all started with a Timex Sinclair that was gifted to me as it opened a new world for me to explore. I've always loved the idea of building things and computers, especially in the early days. I was very hand-on with hardware and software.

What are your favorite hobbies?

In my down time, I enjoy spending time with my family and my lovely bride, partaking in camping, Fortnite, Dr. Who, Soccer, wood working, and D&D. I recently helped my two boys learn a little bit about Python by building a rudimentary space invader knock-off. I'm passionate about education and learning and served on the local school board for six years when my kids were in elementary and middle school.

What is your caffeine of choice?

Tea and soda

Pick a pet


What is your favorite movies?

Star Wars. Great story telling and a great time in my life.

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