Developer Profile: Mike Stelzer | Expert Application Engineer

Meet Mike Stelzer, a board-game playing, bouldering core contributor to the Discover shared CI/CD pipeline.
Discover Technology Staff
February 22, 2023
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A versatile and talented full-stack application engineer

Mike Stelzer is a core contributor to the Discover® shared CI/CD pipeline. He has architected, developed, and maintained internal and external applications, and serves as a core contributor and thought leader in the Discover shared UI library.

Throughout his career, Mike has worked with NodeJS, React, and JavaScript, among other technologies. He says, "I love working in this fast paced and flexible ecosystem as it continues to evolve and be used in so many more applications. The tooling is so vast and it provides a great way to manage a full stack application. The culture at Discover is great, the projects are engaging, and teams are given freedom to make decisions. I enjoy that I can make a difference day to day."

Get to know more about Mike

Mike's favorite hobbies:

  • 3D Printing—I love to tinker and build new things
  • Board games
  • Water sports (kayaking, water skiing, wake surfing)
  • Rock climbing/bouldering

What's your go-to pet choice?

Dogs and fish

What's your favorite movie?

Honestly, there are just too many great ones to justify any single one.

What's your caffeine of choice?


In virtual meetings, Mike prefers

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