Developer Profile: Elle Miller | Senior Manager, Automation

Get to know Elle Miller who is transforming what we do through award-winning automation.
Discover Technology Staff
February 20, 2023

Enabling award-winning automation

Elle Miller leads a team of application engineers and program managers supporting a suite of intelligent automation tools. She was instrumental in building the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) Program at Discover® for the past four years, starting as a certified developer upskilling and onboarding new teams, moving to RPA Program Manager, and now overseeing the "Hub" of the Discover "Hub-and-Spoke" operating model.

Seeing the growth and success of the RPA Program has been been rewarding for Elle, particularly receiving internal and external recognition for her and her team's achievements. In 2022, Discover won SS&C Blue Prism's Customer Excellence - Americas All-Star Award for our Robotic Operating Model which was really exciting.

Since joining Discover in 2015, Elle's had the pleasure of working with many great colleagues-turned-friends. "The people of Discover are genuinely kind, helpful, and collaborative—I am grateful to partner with them every day!"

Get to know more about Elle

Can you tell us your tech origin story?

A former manager nudged me in the direction of technology and honestly, I was surprised! I was formerly in the risk/anti-money laundering space, so IT felt like another world. But I took a leap of faith, made the switch, and have been here ever since. Moral of the story—listen to your mentors and try something that scares you!

What are your favorite hobbies?

I'm an interior design enthusiast and love to go antiquing. Also, I enjoy hiking with my husband and two dogs. We live near a park with 300+ acres, trails, ponds, and more. It's always great when we can spend the day outdoors.

Tell us the best thing you’ve ever eaten.

You can't go wrong with a good bowl of ramen. Slurping Turtle is my favorite spot in Columbus, OH.

What is your caffeine of choice?


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