Roundtable Conversations Enable Companies to Share Automation Best Practices

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May 17, 2023

In the spirit of embracing the open-source principles of transparency and collaboration, the Discover® Automation team has created a space where automation-minded professionals from various companies and industries can network to share stories, lessons, and wins about their collective automation journeys. We do this by hosting a quarterly automation roundtable conversation.

What is a roundtable conversation?

While the meeting is not in person, we hope to create a feel of sitting around a large table together, sharing stories, asking questions, and enjoying conversation the way you might while sitting at a dinner table with family or friends. The conversation is informal and welcoming to all who would like to pull up a chair.

What kinds of topics are covered?

The topics vary by quarter, but all are centered around Intelligent Automation. Examples of past topics include:

  • automation goal setting and leadership influence
  • citizen development
  • license utilization
  • scaling models
  • support and maintenance models
  • ROI
  • developer career path

We want to tailor the conversation to the participant’s interests and needs, so please fill out our form to let us know if you will be able to attend our next session and what topics you’d like to discuss!

Is robotic process automation the only automation technology being discussed?

While RPA has been a focal point of past conversations, we know that RPA technology is just one tool in a larger Intelligent Automation toolkit. We intend to broaden the automation conversation past RPA and to be inclusive of a broader range of topics in the Intelligent Automation space.

Who can participate?

We welcome professionals from all industries who are interested in automation or currently on an automation journey. Past participants have included representatives from across industries, including technology, insurance, financial, and retail.

My company is very new to automation. Is this event only for those who have being doing automation for a while?

No! One of the benefits of this conversation is the ranging representation from different industries and different automation maturities. Those who are new to automation may find they learn best practices from others at the round table. And those who have been using automation for a while may also still learn from new perspectives and questions.

My company is seasoned in our automation practices. What benefits do I get from attending?

You have a wealth of knowledge and experience, and we’d love to learn from you! This is a great place to grow your own network and brand as it relates to automation—and to learn from others as well. Learning from professionals across industries has been very beneficial to attendees.

Join us and share your learnings and advice to others to help evolve as a community! Please fill out the form and tell us if you can attend our next session and what topics you’d like to discuss or share your expertise about.

Excited to join the conversation?

The next roundtable is happening in September. Stay tuned for more details!

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