Developer Profile: Kate Lorenzen | Full Stack Application Engineer

Get to know Kate Lorenzen, video game enthusiast who does what she loves in her own unique way.
Discover Technology Staff
March 15, 2023

Video game enthusiast who does what she loves

Kate is a full stack Application Engineer who works with the Discover Technology Academy (DTA)—the internal learning knowledge sharing platform at Discover. She was one of the first five developers working on the site which surpassed more than one million internal page views in less than a year. In addition to developing that platform, Kate leads and mentors her squad of front-end developers while tracking their team's progress using agile methodologies. Her teaching and learning are always evolving while using technologies such as TypeScript, React, and Node.

"I learned React while at Discover and now I get to teach others,” says Kate. “The DTA was actually my first React application so I knew I needed to challenge myself and scale up fast. I love that I am constantly learning and never feel stuck. The tech industry is always changing!"

Kate loves working at Discover because of the people. She enjoys logging on every day getting to talk to the friendliest people she knows. Collaborating with others and learning from her peers energizes her. Discover’s commitment to work-life balance and embracing individuality are also not taken for granted.

"We balance work and life. I never have felt pressure to log on after hours, and always feel like the work I do is valued,” Kate says. “I am passionate about being yourself. I love having colored hair and getting to be myself while I do what I love."

Get to know more about Kate

What got you into tech?

Video games got me into tech—specifically The Walking Dead by Telltale Games. It was the first game I played where choices mattered which began this new way of thinking for me—how can I plan for something that hasn't happened yet?

In your free time, what are your favorite hobbies?

I still love video games, but music is something I've always been passionate about. From learning guitar and playing flute in two bands to singing in choirs and musicals. Now, I tend to enjoy it more through listening than creating.

What is your caffeine of choice?

Soda pop

In virtual meetings, do you prefer cameras on or off?

Camera on

Pick a pet.

My dog Loki

What is your favorite movie?

The Road to El Dorado. It was always my go-to for long road trips, and I accidentally have the whole thing memorized.

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