Global Accessibility Awareness Day Hackathon

Apr 24 - May 18, 2023 | Virtual
Discover is sponsoring the Atomic Accessibility Design Challenge as part of the FINOS Global Accessibility Awareness Day Hackathon. Registration deadline is April 21, 2023.
Discover Technology Staff
February 28, 2023

Financial Institutions need to manage the balance between risk compliance, user experience and accessibility inclusion when developing digital solutions (mobile, web). Web Accessibility (or e-Accessibility) pertains to the design of websites and mobile applications that do not present barriers of access to people with disabilities or disorders. The development of these digital solutions need to consider accessibility compliance along the entire production workflow from design, to development, to printing/rendering.

The purpose of this hackathon is to promote the design of accessibly inclusive digital and physical banking financial assets and tools. Specifically:

  • Bring attention to the end-to-end collaboration challenges between designers and developers as it relates to risk compliant accessibility solutions.
  • Explore the uses cases for where accessibility inclusion is applicable to financial Institutions.

Atomic Accessibility Design Challenge 

Sponsor: Discover Financial Services is sponsoring the Atomic Accessibility Design Challenge. 

Context: Given the challenges associated with risk compliance for people with disabilities (Visual, Motion, Motor, Auditory, Cognitive/Learning), Atomic Design enables designers and developers to establish a round-trip workflow process that traverses from abstract concepts to concrete details. The application of Atomic Design concepts towards the development of accessibly-compliant solutions yields consistency and scalability while mitigating regulatory risk. 

Problem: Organize a well-rounded team that can leverage new accessibility tools to develop an end-to-end solution that explores novel applications of accessibility technologies for financial services.

Supporting Technology: Atomic Accessibility Design Theme Builder GitHub Repo

Visit the FINOS Event Page to register your interest in participating in the Hackathon.

Important dates

  • Registration deadline: April 21
  • Team formation deadline: April 25
  • Opening ceremony: April 24
  • Hacking period: April 24-May 10
  • Judging period: May 15-16
  • Closing ceremony: May 18

Event Replays

FINOS GAAD Hackathon | Opening Ceremony

The opening ceremony marks the start of our month-long #GAAD2023 hackathon where we will work together to develop solutions that promote accessibility and inclusion for all in the financial industry. Hear from a diverse group of speakers, including accessibility experts, industry leaders, and advocates as they share their experiences, insights, and ideas for how we can all work together to create a more inclusive financial world.

Open Source at Discover

In this talk, Andy Smith and Lise Noble, both Distinguished Engineers at Discover, explore Discover’s perspective on leveraging open source to embrace the challenges in the finance industry.